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divaerestor's Journal

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  • DivaErestor
The official stuff (shamelessly lifted from The Encyclopedia of Arda).

"The chief counsellor of Elrond's household at the time of the War of the Ring, who took part in the Council of Elrond. He did not support the idea of destroying the Ring, and preferred instead the notion of guarding it from Sauron, perhaps with the aid of Tom Bombadil."

See Galdor? You weren't the only one who didn't do much outside say a line or two and twiddle your thumbs while the rest of the Council ignored you...

The MESPT stuff

Erestor is an androgynous herm(aphroditic) Elf who's seen better days as a glam rocker. Is prone to relapse into hir* "glory days" by donning gaudy jewelry, putting on excessive amounts of make-up and leopard print leotards all while teasing hir hair to insane volumes.

Nowadays I serve as the mun's "Designated Lab Rat". Prime Example #1...


For every "high point" in my life, the mun hands me two "low points".

I just can't win....

*On the terms "Hir" and "Shi". Terms created by furry artist Roy D. Pounds II to describe any being of an hermaphroditic nature. Indicates one who is fully-functional male AND female.

The people in my life...

My oh-so-wonderful husband. He's such a doll... And now he's Orome's Maia too.

This had better turn out better than most designated Maiaships... >.>

And his various forms...

Forget not being as schizo as I thought he was; he's even more so...

His lir, the white fox called "Zytavin", or just "Zy" for short...

and .
That's Arines on the left, Cysel on the right.

My Sandslash, Dust Devil. Isn't he cute? ^__^

The mun journal.