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Erry here, reporting on our glorious second-honey moon here in Hawaii.

But rather than go on at length, why not show you some pictures that we just got back from the developers?

Our pilot on the way there. He had a very large book beside his seat. Said it was for light reading. Uh huh. Sure.

Here we see the locals performing some sort of ceremony upon our arrival. I have no idea what the sives-on-poles are for...

Our hotel, where we waited for...

This guy. Not sure what he was doing, but we did hear the sound of a fly being done up real fast...

Ahhhh... Sand, surf, wind in your hair, and PJ's movie set in the background.

Here we have one of the many booths at one of the many open-air markets in Hawaii. You place your order for your boy- or girl-whore on the left; and pick 'em up on the right.

Awwwww... Lookit what one of the locals did for us. That's me with the skirt, Gofi with the stupid hat and shirt.

The local soccer team. Can you believe Gofi said I could only take one back to the hotel room?!? ¬.¬!!

Not to be dismayed, I tried hooking up with one of the ladies. "No go," says Gofi. Spoil-sport... ¬'.¬';;

The obligatory embarrassing Celeborn picture™.

Here we are in front of a class of students explaining to them all about Arda. And then we had to explain to the parents afterwards where their kids got such terms as "fuckses", "horse fetish" and "Celelube".

The sunsets are spectacular here in Hawaii.

Tomorrow we go horseback riding. Gofi gets to be the horse. 8-)
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